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Top 7 unusual things to do on Valentine’s Day this year

Chocolate, flowers and a romantic dinner.

It’s Valentine’s Day and no date will appreciate more on this occasion than to skip those traditional customs and offer something new this year.

We put together 7 creative out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day ideas to woo your partner, and enjoy the day even if you’re dateless.

Get ready for some roudy and relentless fun with these picks:

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Hire your own chef!

Bring the restaurant to your home. Some services allow you to book your private Chef and enjoy an amazing dinner experience in the comfort of your own dining room. Just light some candles, and you’ll evening get cooking in a hurry.

Organise a party for your single friends!

No date in sight? You can organise a party for all your single female and male friends whose dates have abandoned them.

At Anti-Valentine’s Day parties organise your own “let’s meet” games that often turn into love stories.

Give love not to one but to all!

Instead of spending the entire day with your partner only hanging out and spending money, go and volunteer together and make others happy. You along with your partner could go and spend time at an old age home, an orphanage or an animal shelter.

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Play games!

In Denmark, for instance, young people have developed a playful secret admirer guessing game called Gaekkebrev. Boys and girls write funny rhymes or love notes, unsigned. If the recipient guesses who the sender is, she or he gets a prize.

Get swept off your feet!

Passion, energy, intimacy… what more could you need on Valentine’s Day? Try to take some Argentinean tango dance classes with your partner, an experience you will remember forever.

Try a new challenge!

Got a head for heights? For an experience of a lifetime, carry off your sweetheart for a memorable hot-air balloon ride. Even more daring, try the new zipline in Ras Al Khaimah at over 1,680 meters above sea level. You can also book your spot on XLine Dubai Marina, the epic 1km zipline stretching from the top of JBR’s Amwaj towers to the terrace of Dubai Marina Mall.

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Buy a fitness tracker

Your partner is supposed to be the one who knows best about you and the details of your life. Guess what! A fitness tracker may know better in some cases. It knows the distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and also heartbeat and quality of sleep.