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Total Jordan seeks to facilitate new employment opportunities

Agreement between Total Jordan and the Ministry of Labour aims to improve working conditions as well as provide employment opportunities for Jordanians.

Following up on an agreement signed between Total Jordan and the Ministry of Labour in December 2013, Total Jordan has reiterated its commitment to hiring more locals in place of expatriates.

The agreement is in line with Total Jordan’s efforts to improve working conditions as well as provide employment opportunities for Jordanians; the success of which can be seen in the oil and gas company’s low employee turnover rate.

Total Jordan believes the great importance of investing in its employees, thus it introduces training courses that ensure participants adhere to the highest standards of safety as well as other skills that guarantee their professionalism, it also proposes a career path and growth future to its employees, a high performance pump attendant has a chance to be a station manager for example, many success stories are exist. Due to these dedicated efforts, 88 percent of all employees at Total Jordan stations are Jordanians.

Maysoon Barhoumeh, Director of Petroleum Products at Jordan’s Ministry of Labour, said that the agreement further aims to set up job fairs across the kingdom in efforts to help young people find suitable jobs at Total Jordan and elsewhere.

In light of its strong cooperation with Total Jordan, the Ministry of Labour has expressed its satisfaction with Total Jordan as it seeks to overcome obstacles by developing employee skills and ensuring their long-term success.

As poor working conditions is the leading reason why Jordanians leave their jobs, Ms. Barhoumeh stressed that the ministry’s partnership with Total Jordan is greatly valued since the company’s policies ensure its employees stability and a chance to excel.

The agreement also stipulates that if any employee was to resign or have his contract terminated, the Ministry of Labour would investigate the reasons as well as help him find employment opportunities elsewhere.