Complex Made Simple

Touch team grants holiday joy to children from different associations

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program focused on sustainable development, ‘touch,’ the number one mobile operator in Lebanon, managed by Zain, organized an edutainment initiative, inviting 280 children from the associations of “Maison St. Vincent de Paul” and “Al Tawjih Al Ijtima’i”, to attend a theatrical dance performance led by kids facing similar social challenges.

Participating in this initiative through the company’s internal volunteering program, touch employees accompanied the children to watch ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ a theatrical piece performed by children with challenging social backgrounds, who are members of the professional dance school “Beirut Dance Project”.

Commenting on the occasion, which coincides with the festive season this year, Wassim Mansour, Vice Chairman and General Manager of touch, explained, “Touch has a clear vision in regards to empowering all segments of the Lebanese society and giving them the necessary support under all its forms. This vision definitely applies to children facing social challenges,” adding that “From this standpoint, touch sought to gather all these children in one occasion and provide them with a dash of hope inspired by the true meaning of Christmas, urging them to move forward towards achieving their dreams despite the difficulties they encounter.”

Shortly after the performance, touch team members distributed gifts to the participating children, further adding a joyful Christmas atmosphere to the special occasion.