Complex Made Simple

Tradition comes alive in Bahrain pavilion at Global Village

Dubai, 27th January, 2015: The Bahrain Pavilion at Global Village showcases a country that has dedicated itself to developing a modern city, while also maintaining a heritage that dates back 5000 years to the Dilmun Kingdom. This mixture of traditions and new age thinking has led to Bahrain truly living up to its name as the ‘Land of Paradise’.

The façade of the pavilion shows the merging of the two worlds that make up Bahrain – the new and the old. Showcasing Bahrain’s World Trade Center and the Villamar Towers, the pavilion entrance is designed to represent the traditional port gates of the Bahrain Financial Harbour – featuring ‘baragil’ a specially designed window that helps cool off buildings.

Other than the amazing architecture that is prevalent throughout Bahrain, the pavilion at Global Village gives guests the chance to find great deals on the fantastic beauty products and wide range of stylish clothes. The chance to explore the varying styles of dresses, such as the ‘Mukhawar’ – a traditional and colourful dress.

The range of clothes and jewelry in the pavilion includes a variety of wedding dresses that represent the richness of the Bahraini culture. Guests to the pavilion can also find necklaces like Al Murtasha which comes in a number of beautiful designs and is traditionally worn at Bahraini weddings.

Those who might be looking for specials soaps will find fantastic handmade soaps, perfumed in all sorts of different exotic smells. Guests can find soaps that smell of chocolate, kiwi, cherry, and many more. These are also available in unusual shapes like candy, or cupcakes.

The Bahrain pavilion has a wide range of natural skin products with the most popular ones made of oats, which include face and body masks as well as assorted ointments and creams.

All in all, the Bahrain Pavilion offers guests a chance to find authentic traditional dresses and jewelry, as well as one of a kind soap and skin care products, unique to Bahrain throughout the 19th season at Global Village.