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Transguard partners with Al Tadawi to establish employee medical clinic

Company appoints Al Tadawi Medical Centre to operate healthcare centre at employee accommodation facility in Sonapur, Dubai

Leading UAE-based FM company Transguard Group, has signed a contract with Al Tadawi Medical Centre to build and operate a fully equipped healthcare facility in one of its Sonapur employee accommodation facilities in Dubai.

The facility will cost the Emirates Group Company at least AED 500,000 and once constructed will provide healthcare for its 5,000 plus employees based in Sonapur. The facility, which will be open every day from 8am to 5pm, affording employees easy access to quality healthcare, will be manned by two doctors and two nurses.

“Offering medical facilities at our accommodation facilities is a groundbreaking staff welfare initiative. Our employees will now have immediate access to a quality medical facility in cases of illness or accident.” said Dr. Abdulla Al Hashimi, CEO, Transguard Group.

“Looking to the future, we intend to roll out the initiative to our other accommodation facilities across the region,” he added.

The initiative not only saves the employee time and inconvenience, it also saves the company money by reducing the amount of man hours lost due to illness and accidents and by reducing the requirement to provide transport services to external medical facilities.

The Al Tadawi clinic will provide a comprehensive medical service in one location, including same day appointments and a fully equipped pharmacy. The clinic will also have an integrated information system, which helps to reduce lengthy referral processes.

“Al Tadawi Medical Centre is a comprehensive healthcare solution and is committed to providing quality healthcare to our community. This partnership with Transguard is the first of many steps towards providing the highest quality healthcare relevant to the needs of all nationals and expatriate residents of Dubai. This strategy will focus on prevention and awareness, easy access to services; quality and investment in the community,” said Dr. Abdulqader Al khayat, Chairman, Al Tadawi Medical Centre.