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Turki Bin Faisal : We seek to provide a full range of e-commerce services

004 Arabia will bring the complete suite of e-commerce services to Qatar and the MENA region

Sheikh Turki Bin Faisal Al Thani, Chairman of Catalyst LLC, incorporated in the State of Qatar, announced during his participation at Qatar’s E-Commerce Forum 2015, that markets around the world have been witnessing a major shift driven by the steady growth of e-commerce.

He mentioned that according to many studies, despite the newness of the e-commerce market in Qatar, there are great expectations to achieve a qualitative leap in this area.

“We urgently need several steps and developments that elevate this field, especially since we have the infrastructure that keeps pace with global technological developments and changes. I am sure that our use of this new technology will contribute to the achievement of great returns at both individual and societal levels,”he added.

The Chairman of Catalyst LLC also explained, ”Qatar is witnessing numerous investments in all sectors, including information technology and telecommunications sector which will contribute to the upgrading of e-commerce market. This is reflected on all segments of society and sectors, especially SMEs.”

Sheikh Turki also stated that Catalyst LLC, incorporated in the State of Qatar and 004 GmbH, based in Aschaffenburg, Germany signed an MOU ealier this year in March to establish a joint venture company “004 Arabia”in Qatar.

004 Arabia will bring the complete suite of e-commerce services to Qatar and the MENA region. Catalyst was set up to attract specialised skills in the field of technology to Qatar and make it the expertise hub in the region. The joint venture company will focus on e-commerce business activities ranging from services and marketplaces to e-commerce hubs and other related e-commerce operations.

004’s solution is available on a fully integrated SaaS platform that includes all necessary services varying from implementation and hosting of online shops to order management, ERP-System, multi-lingual customer service support, accounting and controlling, and high-end photography.

“004’s fully integrated platform is highly scalable and reduces interface complexity. The Platform is tailored to match each customer’s needs to support the specific omni-channel processes and IT systems. The SaaS platforms continuously being enriched with new features and functionality, and gives our customers an “evergreen “state-of-the-art e-commerce environment” he concluded.