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Two innovations on market for horse’s digestive system presented at DIFH 2014

Specializing in the equine diet for over 20 years, the French company EDHYA develops specific natural, innovative, certified and non-dopants. On the occasion of its participation in the 10th edition of “Dubai International Horse Fair”, EDHYA will present two unique innovations on the market: the regulator of gastrointestinal tract “Edhya Form” and anti-ulcer “Edhya Myo-Gard”. Meet them on 20, 21 and 22 March 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

EDHYA devises and manufactures equine natural products based on innovation and research laboratories. Specialist horse digestive system, the French company has developed two unique innovations on the market:

EDHYA FORM: Universal regulator of the digestive tract

This bio-regulator of intestinal flora based germinated barley is the only product of its nature; the fermentation and stability are controlled using approved lactic acid bacteria. This nutritional supplement nourishes and balances the intestinal flora for better digestion daily.

EDHYA MYO-GARD: Double function: Gastric & Muscle

The frequency and severity of gastric ulcers in horses is such that we cannot ignore all the side effects they cause: including muscle condition, recovery, myositis … These cases ulcers affect 70% sport horses and almost 100% of racehorses in training (Source: Bill RJW et al / Mitchell RD).

Today EDHYA has developed its range around the horse’s digestive system to meet the sporting needs and treat stress-related ailments competitions, and environmental conditions of the horse.

EDHYA MYO-GARD is a liquid feed supplement with protective and regenerative action of the epithelial cells of the stomach, muscle and anti-oxidant. This natural based formula powder plants, unique and economical, protects and renews the walls of the stomach.

This product, already used in larger Stud Thoroughbred French and Irish as well as a large number of veterinarians, remains a non-natural formula doping.

EDHYA also developed the formula that FLOR’EDHYA an Edhya Form’s concentrate to restore and rebalance the intestinal flora.

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