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UAE Etechan International implements TOEFL Junior test

TOEFL Junior can measures student's ability to combine listening, reading and speaking skills

Etechan International, a leading national firm in providing the latest educational solutions in UAE, had implemented the TOEFL test to a group of secondary level students at Lycee French international school in Dubai.

This cooperation between the parties comes in the framework of facilities offered by the Etechan, under the umbrella of H.H Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises, in order to provide a true global standard for measuring the efficiency of English language skills for students, and evaluating the academic life in the educational institutions.

Adnan Mohammed Bin Abdulla, the Managing Director for Etechan International has explained: that “The test came in the context of strengthening the educational role of the organization, which was established in order to create and provide a pathway that improves the community in several areas, including education, getting in line with the Vision of 2021 for development of education.”

The launch of TOEFL Junior test, came as a response to the urgent need for a global standard that can measures the English Language skills development and proficiency for students. Moreover the test can provide the educational institutes with an accurate understanding of student’s proficiencies and abilities, to guide them in obtaining the best in their learning process, and prepare them for future.

TOEFL Junior from ETS Global (Educational Testing Services, the world’s largest educational testing and assessment organization) can measures student’s ability to combine listening, reading and speaking skills needed to perform educational tasks. TOEFL Junior provides a comprehensive and reliable tool for measuring proficiency in language skills.

Considering TOEFL Junior as an assessment criteria for English language skills for student below 16 years, aligns with Etechan International vision of being a national firm concerned with research and development in the smart technology and education. TOEFL Junior is distinct from TOEFL Adults, both have been issued and certified by ETS Global, was developed for school student’s to help them in developing their English communication skills.