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The Middle East is making more room for tourists, beating an entire continent

The Middle East hotel industry is aiming to overtake Europe in terms of the number of hotel rooms available in the country.

According to a report by Totalhotelprojects, there are currently 214,743 guest rooms slated to be opened in Europe, compared to the 238,963 set to be available in the Middle East in the next five years.

Furthermore, the report states that they are on track to eclipse South America and Africa combined.

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The report specified that the UAE has 222 projects taking place, contributing 126,576 rooms to the Middle East’s total.

Saudi on the other hand has 143 projects on the way with plans to create 55,810 new rooms.

These two countries are the biggest hitters when it comes to hotel accommodation in the region, with Statista predicting a 5.3% growth in the hospitality industry in the UAE for this current year.

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Saudi however is not slacking behind, with Kamel Ajami, VP of operations for the Saudi Arabia & Levant region, Hilton, telling GND Online that “Saudi Arabia is one of the most important markets in this region, with new legislation and government reforms making the Kingdom more accessible than ever.”

With Dubai’s Plan 2021 and Saudi’s Vision 2030, both countries are concurrently striving towards improving life for their citizens, as well as their visitors, and essentially revitalizing their nations.

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