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UAE to penalise midday break rule violators

The UAE labour ministry has announced the summer midday break rule will be enforced from June 15 to September 15, Khaleej Times has reported. Companies that defy the rule and force their employees to work under the scorching sun between 12:30pm and 3pm will face a fine of Dhs15,000. If the act involves a large number of workers, they will be downgraded and the work stopped temporarily, said the ministry. “Employers will be fined Dhs15,000 if found forcing labourers to work under direct sunlight, regardless of the nature of the work,” said the ministry’s undersecretary, Mubarak Saeed Al Dhaheri. “If a large number of workers is involved, the inspections department will forward the company’s profile to the minister’s office. He might consider temporally stopping the entity plus downgrading it,” Al Dhaheri added.