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UAE employees no longer face 6-month ban

As long as they have completed a half year's employment with the company before termination

The six-month ban on employees leaving a company will be cancelled from January 2016, reports Arabic newspaper Al Bayan, today (December 27).

The daily media source reveals that this new rule will apply to all employees who leave the company they’ve been working for based on mutual agreement, with the exception of workers under classification 4 and 5 – employees with no educational degrees and special skills – who will have to first complete six months at the facility before the six-month ban can be waived.

The previous law was that an employee had to work for a minimum of two years with an employer for the ban to be waived. Now, however, this is no longer the case.

The paper continues to state that in order for this rule to apply and for the ban to be removed, employees must complete six months with their current employer. Once this has been completed, they can then move directly on to a new employer.

Humaid Al Suwaidi, assistant undersecretary of labour affairs at the Ministry of Labour, says in an interview with Al Bayan: “The ministry aims to keep and maintain the skills as a strategic goal for the government to achieve a knowledge economy.”

“They are working on hiring from inside the country instead of getting new employees, since they have the expertise. This is why they reconsidered the law,” he concludes.

This article first appeared first on AMEinfo’s sister publication kippreport