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UAE tenders opens a wide network for online bidding

UAE Tenders, the first comprehensive online bidding platform, was recently launched with the purpose of boosting corporate income in easier and economical ways. The website is considered as a wide network that links buyers to suppliers across the UAE.

Following the registration at, companies from all over the United Arab Emirates can post their needs and requirements. The registered suppliers get notifications, who, in turn, can accept the request and send their quotations via private e-mail to the said companies; without intermediaries.

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The database of UAE Tenders includes numerous suppliers operating in various industries such as agriculture, construction, engineering, nutrition, education, finance, insurance, gas and energy, heavy and light industries, health, medicine, media, real estate, home services, transportation, in addition to other fields. It is the biggest online bidding platform in the UAE.

Supplies and tenders are not limited to big machinery and heavy equipment, companies can ask for whatever they might need including catering services, event planning, contractors, laptops, stationery, furniture, sports equipment, food items, carpets, textiles, uniforms, lawyers, insurance, marketing services, and any other requirements that can be as small as needles and threads.

The UAE Tenders platform is a win-win opportunity that achieves mutual profit to all parties with zero administrative hassles. It helps managers and owners run their business smart. Instead of wasting time, effort, and money to achieve their sales target, they can register and get requests from buyers who are looking supplies they provide, without even seeking for them!

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Initially, the idea of launching UAE Tenders emerged from the fact that the business world is becoming more and more competitive today, hence it’s remarkable to have one place that encompasses both governmental and non-governmental tenders online under one roof. Accordingly, companies can choose the best deal for them in the UAE market. It’s an exceptional business decision that enhances the corporate income in a short period of time and helps company owners win new markets.

Being the meeting point of suppliers and buyers, registered companies can play dual roles at UAE Tenders. They can send and receive business quotations directly from/to other member companies. Thanks to UAE Tenders, registered companies get a solid online presence. Consequently, buyers can reach them faster, and the business grows, unlike the traditional ways.

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UAE Tenders support team members dedicate their time and effort to make sure all the registered companies are valid and active. Moreover, the team follows up on their suggestions and inquiries. Beside getting e-mail notifications, the support team calls and informs registered companies whenever a new related tender is posted. The database of UAE Tenders is updated on an hourly basis.

UAE tenders is a safe and trustworthy bidding portal. This platform offers its members the capability of bidding anytime and from anywhere, as well as it plays the role of a full team of sales via a broad network of suppliers and buyers from all over the UAE. The website is user-friendly and convenient for all companies. The completion of the registration process requires a valid trade license. Once registered, companies can browse the site by main and sub-categories and then post their requirements.