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Umniah signs healthcare agreement with United Insurance Co.

Reaffriming the concern it has for its employees and their families as well as aiming to provide the best healthcare services, Umniah signed an agreement with one of the health leading companies in Jordan United Insurance Co. to provide health insurance to its employees.

The fresh agreement was signed by the CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, and Emad Al Hijjah, the General Manager of the United Insurance Co. where Umniah have affirmed on the importance of providing the best health care services since they fuel the telecom company’s operations and ensure its success in the market. Umniah has always been keen in showing the utmost care to them, which encompasses the health insurance agreement held with one of the leading insurance companies in the local market.

The United Insurance Co. offers a wide range of exclusive healthcare services, including medical insurance, property insurance, car insurance and marine engineering insurance, to Jordan’s workers specializing in different sectors.

Mr. Hinnawi commented on the new contract saying, “Since our establishment, we believe that health insurance is a priority & the right of every employee as it gives them a sense of security and encourages their success at work. Which led us to sign an agreement with “insurance” to get the best health care for employees and their families, where in addition to being considered one of the best insurance companies in the domestic market it has been chosen after an in-depth study for accurate financial data, expertise and the great reputation it owns where after the results of this survey it was selected from among other insurance companies”.

Mr. Al Hijjah later added, “We consider the newly signed agreement with Umniah to be another milestone achievement for our company and will do our utmost to provide the best healthcare services to Umniah’s employees and make sure their needs are met.”

It is worth mentioning that the United Insurance Co. continuously strives to offer citizens the best medical plans, which are tailored to meeting the specific needs of all social sectors. The company periodically subjects all insurance plans to evaluation in order that they may remain up-to-date with the latest client demands.