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Unaiza’s governor opens Al-Jazeera Paint showroom in the province

It offers color coordination service by a competent engineer

In a step aiming to offer the most valued services to its clients and approaching them more at Unaiza governorate ,especially and Al Qassim region in general, Al-Jazeera paints , the giant of high quality paints in the Middle East and the neighboring areas ,opened a new showroom at Unaiza city recently .

The new showroom provides the clients, the consumers and the paint applicators with all consultations responding to their aspirations and satisfying their ambitions ,as well as meets their requirements of the different types of paints and their colors in a short period of time.

The showroom was inaugurated by His Excellency, Unaiza governor Mr. Fahad bin Hamad Al Saleem and His excellency the head of the Chamber of commerce Mr. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Mosa ,the manager of Unaiza’s police brigadier-general, Ahmad Al Saleh Al Adaybee ,the council member of Al Qassim region Mr. Masaad Al Sinnany ,the manager of the Al Othaim charitable establishment , a large number of Unaiza committee members , province dignitaries and the company employees lead by Mr. Abdulellah bin Saud Al Romaih ,the member of board directors and the regional manager of the central region Mr. Moataz Ibrahim Al Abeedy ,beside a crowd of guests.

Mr. Al Romaih expressed his appreciation and thanking to his Excellency , for attending the inauguration ceremony the showroom , which was designed with the most modern, internationally show techniques .Mr. Al Romaih was very pleased with this occasion which reflects the continuous progress of the company and continuing its duties as a national leading company in contributing the urban rise all over the Kingdom including Unaiza city .

The showroom visitors are able to get all high quality paints and their colors under one roof , beside enjoying shopping due to existence of attractive and fascinating colorful decorative designs .

The showroom offers color coordination service by a competent engineer . The showroom contains samples of the latest company products and plus 27 rooms representing designs of different types of rooms in the house such as (bedrooms, dining rooms, halls, living rooms, boys and girls rooms), all rooms are equipped with the suitable furniture, so that the visitor can imagine how his house look shall be with the decorations, colors and selection of the suitable colors and paints for each room. The showroom area is around 22,000 suqare meters located at Al Safir Mohammad AL Hamad Al Shebaily St. ,Al Ashrafia District in Unaiza city