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University of Dubai ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center’ to open in January 2015

University of Dubai has announced plans to open its ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center’ in January 2015. The project which has been undertaken in partnership with San Diego State University’s Center for Information Convergence & Strategy (CICS), aims to provide an incubator environment for innovation and research.

The center will provide opportunities for students and researchers to work on innovative projects with the support of experts based on ground realities, and contribute to the UAE’s sustainable economic development.

Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki, President of University of Dubai, said the research center represents a quantum leap for the university in the academic sector in the UAE, and comes within the framework of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to make universities into innovation centers that can contribute to the development of services that meet international best standards.

“Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center will see research work undertaken in various sectors, including health, information technology and even trade. Our goal is to maintain the quality of research and its application in various sectors, and we are keen to maintain the distinct creativity of projects away from stereotypes,” said Dr Bastaki.

As an incubator for innovation, the center will provide innovative solutions, both for domestic consumption and for export, benefiting both the private and public sectors.

Akshay Pottathil, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, said the solutions provided by the center will exceed the commercial products launched in sectors such as healthcare and finance. It will therefore provide a strong platform for long term sustainable economic development and create new sources of income, diversifying from traditional sources such as oil and gas.

He said the center’s areas of focus are tourism, healthcare, security, information technology, trade and finance. He also pointed out that the center will be open for research projects to everyone and not just to the students of the University of Dubai.

Pottathil called all government and private agencies to submit their projects to the center to take advantage of the technical solutions it provides, and contribute to development through collective action.