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University Hospital Sharjah completes expansion of Emergency Department

University Hospital Sharjah (UHS) has completed the expansion of its Emergency Department to handle 50,000 patients a year, beginning next year, to ensure providing the highest quality emergency care to all patients in need.

The Emergency Section will be run by a highly qualified and experienced team of emergency physicians and nurses who are specially trained and prepared to deal with different kinds of critical cases, 24 hours a day.

The move comes in line with the continued development witnessed by the hospital in various areas. The development included the reception and waiting areas and triage area – a process to determine the priority of patients for treatment according the severity of their condition. The development also included providing the emergency section with more rooms for trauma, recovery, and clinical examination.

On this occasion, UHS CEO Michael Stroud said: “The new development will help increase the efficiency of the Emergency Department through the implementation of more effective management that helps in speeding up the medical-decision making, to ensure providing efficient and prompt patient care. It will also help reduce waiting times to internationally accepted limits, which will help alleviate stress on families waiting for patients in critical condition.”

Stroud went on to say that “There is no doubt that working in emergency room is a very tough job within a high-risk environment, because the emergency room is dedicated to treating critically-ill patients. We have been keen to develop this department in a way that ensures easing the heavy cost burden on patients and their families, and reducing overcrowding, which threatens the emergency department’s ability to receive patients and also aggravate their critical health condition.”

Meanwhile, UHS will redesign the primary healthcare section to ensure access to its services and reschedule them as well as to increase alternative locations for non-urgent healthcare and improve patient case management and the treatment of chronic diseases.

The hospital has also developed an integrated plan for its nursing staff who receive patients upon their arrival at the reception section, to determine their priorities in terms of treatment and send them to special rooms according to their condition.

The Emergency Department is comprised of 34 treatment beds, which include 3 major resuscitation beds, 3 procedure rooms, a plaster room, two isolation rooms, 12 bays, and 14 cubicles. It also has complete access to the Radiology Department and the Pneumatic System of the Laboratory with instant access to imaging and data results. In addition, the Emergency Department has a comprehensive computer system that manages the physician and nursing documentation for easy and prompt patient care.

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