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Vecta Strategy forms strategic alliance with International Hospitals Group

IHG successfully assisted Sheikh Suroor by providing circa 70 healthcare experts to reside in Abu Dhabi

Established in the UK, in 1978, IHG which provides hospital commissioning, medical planning and equipping, project management and turnkey design and construction healthcare services forms a strategic partnership with UAE based Vecta Strategy’s Healthcare management consulting practice.

As the GCC’s healthcare market is projected to grow at a rate of 12 per cent per annum to $69.4 billion by 2018, governments and private investors are determined to position and build facilities according to Western quality standards.

Choucrallah Karam, Vecta Strategy’s Associate Partner and MENA Healthcare Practice Leader, comments, “Our partnership with IHG is a perfect synergy to complement our healthcare advisory practice in the region. With our local healthcare expertise combined with IHG’s operational excellence we can offer clients in the private and public sectors quality turn-key healthcare services across the full spectrum of planning, developing, operating and improving healthcare facilities.”

Mr. W. King, Chief Executive of IHG comments “The GCC has always been a growth market for us, and now through our alliance with Vecta Strategy, with their local MENA healthcare knowledge resources combined with our worldwide experience we can provide high quality sustainable healthcare solutions for our clients. We want to ensure our clients have a fully comprehensive service from inception to completion.”

IHG’s first healthcare project dates back to the UAE in 1979 with the Presidential Court of Abu Dhabi when the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, at that time, Sheik Zayed, asked his nephew Sheikh Suroor to establish a National Health Service in Abu Dhabi. IHG successfully assisted Sheikh Suroor by providing circa 70 healthcare experts to reside in Abu Dhabi for eight years under the patronage of Sheikh Zayed, in order to improve healthcare services in Abu Dhabi.

IHG has completed over 450 healthcare contracts successfully and continues to be on the forefront healthcare project development. IHG developed its UK healthcare services by working with more than 50 NHS healthcare authorities and NHS Trusts, particularly in providing recruitment services with circa 15,000 staff being recruited for the NHS.

Since it was founded IHG has enjoyed the support of the British Government and the considerable benefit of being able to call on people from over 150 countries, who have trained and worked in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is the world’s largest healthcare organization with an annual budget of over £120 billion.

Paul Klinkhamer, Vecta Strategy’s Managing Partner comments, “We are excited to partner with IHG who continue to be on the forefront of healthcare facility project development. The alliance fits perfectly with Vecta Strategy’s mandate to localize world-wide technologies and technical capabilities.”

Ralph Dando, Development Director at IHG – International Hospitals Group, comments, “Partnering with a local consultancy with a strong healthcare track record enables our service offering to incorporate strategy development to our GCC clients, especially to Clients who are seeking to expand their network.”

IHG delivers expertise in the following areas: functional planning, hospitals and Healthcare facilities design, hospital construction, project & construction management, equipping, commissioning (bringing healthcare facilities into operation), operational management, staff training (clinical, non-clinical and management), accreditation and quality assurance programs, facilities management and planned preventative maintenance.