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Video: Highest school fees in the Middle East revealed

The high cost of education today is no secret, but which countries have the most expensive schools in the GCC? A new report by the International Schools Database reveals the most expensive cities when it comes to education.

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Dubai ranks as the most expensive city in the Middle East when it comes to school fees, with the average cost standing at $1009 per month.

Dubai is followed by Doha at $752, Abu Dhabi $722 while Riyadh is ranked as the cheapest city in the GCC.

According to the 2015 report from Kuwait finance center, average school fees in the UAE stands at $10250 compared to $18200 for the final year at school.

As for Qatar, average school fee stands at $8300 while fees for the final year are $13200.

Bahrain has an average school cost of $7200 with fees for the Final year reaching $10800.

The six most expensive countries for education are Shanghai $2783, followed by Zurich $2057, Geneva ($1863), Lausanne ($1813), Seoul ($1695) and Singapore ($1637).