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VIDEO: Saudi Ministry of Justice rolls out new translation center for expats

New apps and technology showcased at GITEX Technology Week 2015 in Dubai

At GITEX Technology Week last week, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) showcased the new instances of their embracing technology in the country, which possesses one of the most debated legal systems in the world.

The ministry has rolled out a new initiative by setting up a centralised translation center to help expatriates in the country who are facing legal cases. The new center, located far from the country’s capital, Riyadh, will house two hundred translators who have expertise in more than 70 languages. People from any part of the country can access the service online.

The country’s legal system has been subject to international scrutiny after it allegedly failed many times to address the problems of expats involved in criminal cases.

Mostly, plaintiffs or defendants from other nations had difficult times in the Arabic-speaking country.

E Majed O Alothman, General Manager of General Department of Information Technology, refused to acknowledge that language was a barrier in many cases in his country. However, he said the new move will give increased support to expats who have limited or no mastery over the Arabic language.

The ministry has also established online courts for prosecuting prisoners implicated in high-profile and sensitive cases to mitigate the risks involved in transit.