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Visitors celebrate the ‘Flavours of the World’ at Global Village’s ‘Global Barbeque Fiesta’

Global Village, Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural destination, saw an extremely successful weekend as visitors enjoyed the Global Barbeque Fiesta, which took place on Friday 7th March, and was extended to Saturday 8th March due to popularity. The Global Barbeque Fiesta saw ten kiosks representing different countries – including Thailand, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Turkey – prepare barbequed meats for visitors to try. This was part of Global Village’s ‘Flavors of the World’ celebrations.

The Global Barbeque Fiesta experienced a large amount of visitors, with stalls allowing visitors to sample some meats free of charge so that all could truly experience the different flavors each country was able to bring out of their meats. This unique event was topped off with a brand new and very colorful tire seating area and a highly enjoyable performance from leading Bollywood performer, Nikhil D’Souza.

Visitors to Global Village can continue to experience the ‘Flavors of the World’ celebrations until the 15th March, with pavilions offering authentic food from their countries. The kiosks are situated outside of the participating pavilions for visitors to sample the food and snacks with ease.

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