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Warba Bank launches new partnership with Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Group

Through this new partnership with Toyota Al-Sayer, Warba Bank seeks to satisfy customer needs.

Warba Bank has launched a new partnership with Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Group, Toyota car dealership in Kuwait. This partnership comes about to provide the Bank’s customers with exclusive offers on a variety of Toyota cars including new models, discounts and other unique benefits.

Through this partnership with Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Group, Warba Bank strives to widen the scope of customers’ options desiring to purchase their favorite models of Toyota cars. Customers can purchase any car they like from the new 2015 and 2016 models. This offer from Toyota for Warba Bank’s customers will be valid till December 31st 2015. The Bank will continue to exert efforts for providing customers with the best financial services and solutions easily and in Sharia Compliant manner.

Through this new partnership with Toyota Al-Sayer, Warba Bank seeks to satisfy customer needs. It provides them with benefits and exclusive offers that commensurate with their expectations and alleviate their financial burdens through car financing service.

The partnership between Warba Bank and Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Group is a great addition to a series of partnerships recently established by Warba Bank with leading agencies for global car brands operating in Kuwait. These partnerships aim at providing customers with exclusive offers to the Bank’s customers for better serving them and widening the scope of their choice in having modern cars which represent a basic, vital and indispensable commodity in our daily life.

In addition to the Auto Financing Service, Warba Bank will continue to present its integrated, Islamic Sharia compliant financing solutions such as the personal financing services to “Murabaha” customers reaching KD 70 thousand with repayment period of up to 15 years. The Bank continues in introducing innovative and comprehensive banking solutions and new services for getting closer to its customers, supporting their desires and expanding the Bank’s financing portfolio and market share through its distinguished solutions fulfilling the financing needs.

For more information on Warba Bank new offer with Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Group on Toyota Cars and other services, please contact our Call Center on 1825555, visit any of the Bank branches, Bank offices at car dealers. Our staff are there all time to provide services and advices to the customers and to explain the key benefits of our financing solutions. Customers are also invited to follow Warba Bank on social media platform Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out our latest offers and services and to provide any suggestions.