Complex Made Simple

WEF Davos 2018: What‘s missing?

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and Chairman of Expothon Worldwide

Entrepreneurialization of Nations is now a reality check according to almost all the political leaderships in the world. Now as their solemn and passionate belief that entrepreneurialism is going to lead their small medium businesses, e-commerce and manufacturing and create positive collaboration. The most advanced understanding demonstrated by Jack Ma, Prime Minister Modi, and Prime Minster Trudeau along with so many others…

Nevertheless, WEF, Davos 2018, the world’s best gathering of the top elite addressed an amazing array of global challenges and issues. On specific solutions and counter-balance issues there was less action. The narrative was to outline major issues minus the new solutions. If the vision as laid out by the leadership is going to be really driven by pure entrepreneurial forces, igniting technology, commerce, creating grassroots prosperity, this is what was missing from the sessions.

The unstoppable riders are coming to impact global economical models and lifestyles.

The Four Horsemen of Human Resource Collapse 

1- Re-definitions of Work: when work becomes universally mobile and will seek-out workers in their own habitats, eliminating the 9-5 rat race drastically impacting daily lives.  New living styles and new intellectualism will emerge.

2-Re-definitions of Work-Space: when office-less-offices start leaving office buildings, downtowns and corporate hierarchies morph, impacting economies with cities dwindling and suburbia blooms, new styles of consumerism and distribution will occur.

3-Re-definitions of Management: when free technologies replace senior and middle management and impact with new realities of social adjustments, a hyper productive inter-connected age with new styles of debates and engagements will force rapid transformation

4-Re-definitions of Time: when real time becomes a 24x7x365 live culture that overtakes the old style timelines and calendars slots. New habits, new occupations emerge and professional hobbies and nouveau entrepreneurialism starts taking over.

These revelations will be good for soft-power-centric smart entrepreneurial nations of the global age, because finally smart folks will tango with smart machines and create a new world of prosperity. The old business models with old and fake data are the enemies of true entrepreneurialism.


China, India and the USA are the world’s top three economies and they are intertwined in a growth and progressive triangulation. At WEF Davos 2018 the discussion clearly points to dealing with grassroots prosperity issues and diversity.

China, an ancient civilization and historically a proven global power is now on the rise and in 3650 days hopes to become the largest economic player in the world.

India, an ancient civilization with humble beginning for the first time in history is now poised to become the world’s leading economy.

America is relatively young, only a few hundred years old, but within those short years became one of the best performing nations on global stage.  This world power is now lagging behind China and will possibly lag behind India in the coming decade

How will all this play out and where are the hidden opportunities in collaborative synthesizim and deployment of nouveau entrepreneurialism?

As an overview, it’s estimated that by 2020, India, China and some 100 micro-power-nations will add one billion new entrepreneurs as a result of prolonged economic advancements. Who are they? Where are they from?  How were they transformed during last decade and why are they so rapidly multiplying using new technology platforms as their wings?

While the USA has a new lower tax plan and massive entrepreneurial transformation under President Trump, it may possibly create a new dream come true. Successful America is good for all. No matter what happens, smart nations will have to demonstrate real entrepreneurial thought leadership amongst all leadership layers of the nation to move forward.

Now is the time to sort out the apples and oranges? 

Why are smart nations debating on how to invite and land a million of entrepreneurs within their own borders resulting in super-revival strategies? Why should nations be more focused on entrepreneurialization of the nation and less about hatching them in small batches without true protocols? How are cold facts and warm realities unfolding around the world?

Entrepreneurialism is for entrepreneurs, like mountains for mountain climbers.
The primary rules of entrepreneurialism are the boldness in pursuit of truth and value creation in a race to commercialization. National mandated agencies across the world are clearly visible in their struggle to understand the real message, while lack of knowledge, contents, substance are understandable, but the lack of action to advanced understanding of entrepreneurialism, with deployments and mobilization solutions is not acceptable.

The billions of youth and unemployed are slowly becoming a fearful force.  Currently, all over the world, navigation of debt burdened billion degree holders are wondering about aimlessly, still a bridge too far. If innovation without commercialization is suffocation, incubation without entrepreneurialism is hallucination and searching for ‘unicorns’ is basically creating hologramic economies. There is hunger for grassroots prosperity while communities of the world have acquired the taste of innovation and start-ups, but they are still hungry and demanding full course meals.

Understanding Entrepreneurial Knowledge:
The superiority of the message embedded in the art and science of entrepreneurialism is clearly written in the language and symbology of ‘tacit knowledge’ and should not be the deterrent for the top academic or national leadership of agencies.  Rather this is an open invitation to bold and open dialogue.

Classroom education is ‘explicit knowledge’ like bookkeeping, something that can be written.
Entrepreneurialism is ‘tacit knowledge’ like riding a bike, something that can only be practiced 

The Methodologies: uplift entrepreneurial economies in entrepreneurial way; create massive and total immersion of all programs already engaged on the entrepreneurial fronts in real time training, testing and evaluation. The mandate agencies are to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Departments that simply demand feasibility reports or case studies before properly understanding and debating the subject and its wisdom are the enemies of entrepreneurialism as it’s is not a case study but a tactical exercise.

Classicism of Entrepreneurialism: The advanced study of classicism of entrepreneurialism brings us closer to global age mobilization and deployments of entrepreneurial as a new phenomenon. This is new thinking that advances and mobilizes masses of entrepreneurs, impacting grassroots prosperity that is captured by superpower new technology platforms.

This philosophy challenges the current economical development models and raises the bar on entrepreneurial understanding. Last century’s tabulations of economical activity sluggishly gave the educated economist clout, where they pondered, forecasted and deployed academic theories. Today live interactive smart and instant data challenges and shows major gaps and flaws in old economical and hologramic models when compared to the true entrepreneurial art of ‘value creation’ as the prime concept of capitalism. The ‘value manipulation’ economies are faltering all over the world.

Unless entrepreneurialism as a branded misnomer is purified with real and true entrepreneurial powers and wisdom, it is simply one of the ghosts in the fog of the current economical chaos across the globe. With 100 nations in the race, working with progressive blueprints, a new thinking is emerging. New bold entrepreneurial mobilization actions are essential as a new and wide open world awaits.