Complex Made Simple

WEF & Geopolitical map 2030 & CHINDUSA

By Naseem Javed, Chairman Mentorian Worldwide

Speaking at the WEF Davos 20128, the session entitled “The Geopolitical Map in 2030” H.E. Aisha Butti Bin Bishr, Minster of UAE, articulated brilliantly the fantastic vision of UAE and its remarkable leadership. The full session available on WEF website reflects the complex debates as Chaired by Robert D. Kaplan and Shirley Ann Jackson and Yohei Shibasaki.

Throughout the WEF, in a superior talent and smart knowledge expanding world, the debates on economical survival got even more focused on lack of execution and deployment strategies. The key major problems did get identified by the greatest minds of today but also lacked the time on the stage to lay out specific solutions. However the polarity on youth deployments, innovative excellence and mid size enterprise capacity building identified as mega solutions to grassroots prosperity.

The New Facts:

Why these complex issues still demand clarification, methodologies and deployments

Re-definitions of Collaborative Synthesizim; form CHINDUSA, China, India, USA to work on open and fair trade while 100 micro-power-nations armed with new platforms start enjoying borderless new markets.

Re-definitions Entrepreneurial Immigration; now USA is considering talent based immigration over lottery based annual quotas. Nouveau Entrepreneurialism has no nationality; it’s borderless, universally diverse and tolerant.

Re-definitions of Super-Data-Controls; whose data is it in the first place? What’s data merging? Data is borderless, so is AI is also borderless and smart enough to seep through like water and spread it power and access around the globe.

Re-definitions of Truth and Trust: These noble notions have no nationality, universally accepted as principal pillars of mankind though most critically needed and least discussed topic at WEF. Are they being redefined or abused?

Re-definitions of New Government Structures; where new thinking, deployment and mobilization of its human powers of entrepreneurialism and hidden talent of youth become the most valuable national asset over seek and destroy mentality and absorb collaborative synthesizim.

The New Realities:

Re-definitions of Work: when work becomes universally mobile and will seek-out workers in their own habitats, eliminating the 9-5 rat race drastically impacting daily lives.  New living styles and new intellectualism will emerge.

Re-definitions of Work-Space: When office-less-offices start leaving office buildings, downtowns and corporate hierarchies morph, impacting economies with cities dwindling and suburbia blooms, new styles of consumerism and distribution will occur.

Re-definitions of Management: When free technologies replace senior and middle management and impact with new realities of social adjustments, a hyper productive inter-connected age with new styles of debates and engagements will force rapid transformation.

Re-definitions of Time: When real time becomes a 24x7x365 live culture that overtakes the old style timelines and calendars slots. New habits, new occupations emerge and professional hobbies and nouveau entrepreneurialism starts taking over

The world must address Nouveau Entrepreneurialism is for entrepreneurs, like mountains for mountain climbers. The primary rules of entrepreneurialism are the boldness in pursuit of truth and value creation in a race to commercialization. These new demands for re-definitions and revelations will be good for soft-power-centric smart entrepreneurial nations of the global age, because finally smart folks will tango with smart machines and create a new world of prosperity. National mandated agencies across the world are clearly visible in their struggle to understand the real message, while lack of knowledge, contents, substance are understandable, but the lack of action to advanced understanding of entrepreneurialism, with deployments and mobilization solutions is not acceptable.

The billions of youth and unemployed are slowly becoming a fearful force.  Currently, all over the world, navigation of debt burdened billion degree holders are wondering about aimlessly, still a bridge too far. If innovation without commercialization is suffocation, incubation without entrepreneurialism is hallucination and searching for ‘unicorns’ is basically creating hologramic economies. There is hunger for grassroots prosperity while communities of the world have acquired the taste of innovation and start-ups, but they are still hungry and demanding full course meals.

For advanced study, various blueprints and ideas are available on Google on how the ‘mobilization of national entrepreneurialism’ works or how Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations can deploy new super power digital trading platforms, especially what are the hidden forces blocking such liberations.