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Winning Elections: Eliminate Populism via Grassroots Prosperity

Hot topics of the day: With 30 nations currently in election debates, voters are anxious

New thinking demands asking: How can nations ever ignore the hidden talents of their own citizenry? Create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value What data is merging with what and why and for whom? Only gutsy and bold debates may try to get some answers

By: Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and Chairman of Expothon Worldwide 

Deeper understanding of Micro-Power-Nations is critical: Super power economies aligned to attacking other economies as prime necessity for their own survival is very much like when glasshouse economies throwing stones are now living in shattered cathedrals but called nouveau architecture and recognized as victories.  While new emerging Micro Power Nations are upcoming hungry performers with very special skills and are willing and able to help any small or super power nation without threatening their base of power…a shift is taking place.

They thrive in mutual collaborative synthesizim. These Micro-Power-Nations may deploy highly selective, well trained and extraordinary strengths and deliver surgical solutions to a mammoth nation and mutually rewarded. Such specialized capabilities will create universal borderless residencies, merit-based immigration, global friendly fair trading, and unlimited human resources dependent Technocalamity platform economy for the new global age world. This new thinking is not about the invading armies, but rather armies of entrepreneurs landing in collaborative synthesizim to create massive local prosperity. Such advancement will impact thousands of cities and will move towards faster advancements. 

FACT: No single country is exclusive. No single country has exclusivity to all mankind. 
 No single nation has all the virtues. No single nation has solutions for all the other nations. 

Common sense issues… what if scenarios 

Super Powers like America provides a land of millions of new opportunities. 
Upcoming power like India provides a land of millions of new entrepreneurs. 
Leading power like China provides a land of millions of amazing manufacturers. 
Today’s world already filled with billion plus highly talented entrepreneurial people.
Debates and discussions will eliminate fears leading to populism.
 When in time have there ever been such available hidden talents and ideas? 

New thinking demands asking: How can nations ever ignore the hidden talents of their own citizenry?
How can they demonstrate their superior skills to mobilize midsize economy across the nation?
How can political agenda prioritize continuous self-learning mandates for the nation?
How can leadership demonstrate understanding of entrepreneurial skills?
It’s the time ready for real action and real debates as silence only proves incompetency?

Call for national transformation with positive mobilization of citizenry in four enlightenments 

Self-Discovery; close your eyes and discover your hidden talents, create supreme performance and become a global age thinker. This will lead to;

Enterprising Journeys; open your eyes and study the global age and indulge at the enterprise level, build and create massive growth. Do something phenomenal. This will lead to;

Naseem Javed oped elections populism via grassroot prosperity

Grassroots Prosperity; open your mind and lead by example, deploy and create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value. This will lead to;

National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism; open your heart and share your authoritative command and knowledge, mobilize and help your own nation and make sure it is moving in the right direction, assist in boosting the national economy. A better future arrives. Mankind demands straight answers, seeks new alternatives, strives for grassroots prosperity and ready to lift the weight via power of entrepreneurialism 

Cold Facts and Warm Realities: Success at times is failure management; failure is often a lost battle, but not a lost war, as ultimate success is not necessarily winning the war, success is far more about understanding the battlefield, as the real victory often hidden outside the war. 

The new battlefields:

Redefinitions of Work Space: when officeless-office in developed economies start leaving office towers the downtowns start collapsing, corporate hierarchies morphs, cities dwindling and suburbia blooming 

Redefinitions of Work: when work become “universally mobile” and workers are free in their habitats, and the “work” arrives, no 9-5 chase, impacting new living styles and new intellectualism emerge 

Redefinitions of Management: when free technologies start replacing MOSTLY senior and middle management, the social adjustments for hyper productive inter-connected liberated age commences. 

Redefinitions of Time: when real time becomes 24x7x365 LIVE culture overtakes old style timelines and calendars are lost, new occupations emerge, professional hobbies and nouveau entrepreneurialism rise 

Redefinitions of Collaborative Synthesizim: As China, USA and India or CHINDUSA triangulation will strangle its weakest link. The other 100 micro-power-nations, armed with new platforms will start enjoying borderless new markets. 

Redefinitions of Super-Data-Controls: Whose data is it in the first place? What data is merging with what and why and for whom? Only gutsy and bold debates may try to get some answers.

Redefinitions of Entrepreneurial Immigration: Allow 1000-1,000,000 qualified entrepreneurs land within a nation with special visa, no-taxation and full support to create a massive economic turnaround. Entrepreneurialism has prosperity as its prime DNA; it is borderless, universally diverse and tolerant.   This is a hidden game changer. Study Canada’s example, USA is next, EU etc…

Such programs improve current status of the current national issues, like: 

Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack massive commercialization.
Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions.
Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects.
Nations have economic development programs but often without mega punch.

 Election Agenda: Create Skilled Citizenry and Mobilize Entrepreneurialism – acquire skills to do it  

The Future & Collaborative Synthesizim: A new Hundred Trillion-dollar global economy is around the corner.  This is when nouveau entrepreneurialism intertwined with Technocalamity the overflow of free technologies, driven by Alpha dreamers the billions interconnected; study Expothon Strategy and its deployment methodologies. Grassroots prosperity eliminates most social and populism problems, make this your top election agenda item. Go for victory…and lead