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Workers get free medical checkup and medication during ‘Sehat Sa’em’ initiative

The Media and Awareness Team of Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality in collaboration with Digital Co. provides free medical checkup and consultation for thousands of visitors in the Ramadan Forum organized by DTCM in Zabeel Hall of World Trade Center during 03 – 14 July 2014.

The move comes as part of ‘Sehat Sa’em’ initiative launched by Dubai Municipality and it is the third consecutive year the civic body holds this initiative during Ramadan for needy workers.

Around 8,000 visitors are expected to benefit from medical checkup, blood donation, and consultation to quit smoking for poor patients from the workers category.

The department conducts health awareness lectures every day before the main speech on different subjects, such as Healthy Food in Quran and Sunnah, Medical Miracle in Quran, Pains of Joints and Bones, General Information about Cancer, How to Quit Smoking, Blood Donation and Fasting … etc.

Dr. Munir Hamad, Senior General Practitioner with DM Clinic said, “Thousands of people, especially low income categories can take advantage from the initiative as they can understand, diagnose and get proper treatment for their health problems.”

The department also organized various health services in the labour camp in Al Muhaisina in collaboration with different hospitals and private companies such as testing of sugar, pressure and cholesterol and distribution of free medicine. Approximately 5,000 workers have been benefiting from the medical and health services on daily basis.

“Around 65 % of visitors to the clinic suffer from general weakness due to malnutrition, and 30% of workers suffer from dizziness as a result of fasting, stress at work and hot weather,” Hamad said. He added, “35% of workers have inflammatory/fungi skin diseases and microbial sensitivity caused by the gathering of large number of workers in one room, lack of attention to hygiene and health awareness.”

25% of workers are suffering from bone diseases such as joint and spine pain as a result of hard work and lack of awareness on how to lift and carry work materials. About 10% have diabetes, pressure caused by stress, nervousness, financial problems and alienation.