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Works Ministry launches the call and technical services centre

MoW’s Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services Eng. Ahmed Al Khayyat revealed that the Ministry has launched the new Call & Technical Services Centre, in an attempt to keep up with the evolution in the world of technology.

‘The new centre aims to provide prompt response to computer users at the Ministry via the phone, or transfer them to the concerned directorate when needed, in addition to answering different queries and follow-up technical issues in an efficient and speedy manner,’ said Al Khayyat.

The opening of the new centre coincides with Information Technology Directorate’s Call Centre Project, which is expected to be launched next month as stage 2 step; following the evaluation phase.

A number of well-known and highly specialized companies in designing call centres submitted their offers for the Call & Technical Services Centre Project, and the best company will soon be selected. Through this initiative, the Ministry seeks to facilitate various services and provide technical support to as many calls as possible around the clock; whether through a varied group supported by auto reply, email or the Ministry’s internal network.

Al Khayyat extended thanks to the qualified and efficient team assigned to run operations involved in this initiative, which is to become a complete source to all staff in relation to technical and information technology related issues.