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The World Innovation Summit for Education and Katara announce a jointly organized Learning Festival

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), a leading international initiative driving innovation and collaboration in education today announces a jointly organized Learning Festival with Katara.

Following the success of the last two WISE Cultural events, WISE and Katara aim to creatively share some of the latest developments in learning and education.

The Learning Festival 2014, scheduled to run from October 23 through to November 8, will be open to the public at Katara. Mirroring the theme of this year’s WISE Summit, the Learning Festival focuses on “creative takes on the use of technology in education.”

Reflecting on the Learning festival, H.E. Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Chairman of WISE, stated: “Creativity, and the education systems that nurture it, are among the most precious resources of our century. WISE has long recognized this trend, and addresses this crucial issue through its 2014 Summit. The Learning Festival is uniquely accessible to the people of Qatar, not only due to its location in Katara, but also because invited school children and their teachers will get to experience the potential benefit of using technology in the learning process.”

Through a photo exhibition and a series of demos, workshops, performances, and other pop-up events, the festival invites visitors and school children to partake in a wide range of experiences. It will showcase uses of technology in the classroom from around the world and enable leaders from the Maker Movement to demonstrate how they utilize accessible technology to enhance creativity.

The photo exhibition will be devoted to work by the highly acclaimed Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian, whose striking images illustrate the 2014 WISE Book. It will represent 11 best practices in the use of technology to improve learning. Meanwhile, innovators from the Maker Movement will demonstrate how conventional media and arts can be transformed into a playful interactive journey.

Dr. Khalid Ibrahim al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara, said: “We are excited to partner with WISE to organize the Learning festival 2014. Katara is very committed to enrich cultural activities in Qatar and this event is in line with Katara’s strategy to establish partnerships with different foundations and host various cultures and knowledge adding higher intellectual and social levels.”

As Dr. Al-Sulaiti indicated “Katara represents a prominent cultural and civilizational edifice that attracts thousands of visitors, and it is the perfect home for the Learning festival. We look forward to welcoming families to this exciting, interactive and playful journey.”

The Learning festival 2014 will take place on the Katara Esplanade from October 23 to November 8, Tuesday-Saturday, 5-10pm, with demonstrations, installations and screenings by the leaders of the Maker Movement, including:
– OTOTO (DENTAKU, UK/JAPAN) a musical invention kit that allows everyone to create a unique musical instrument out of literally any object that conducts electricity.

– LITTLEBITS (LITTLEBITS, USA) known as the Legos™ for the Ipad™ generation, are electronic modules, each with a different function (light, sensor, motor, interrupter), that snap together with magnets and allow anyone to learn and prototype with electronics.

– PRIMO (SOLID LABS UK/ITALY) a wooden robot that teaches children to write their first programs and algorithms with no need for literacy.

– HIT THE BEAT (LORENZO BRAVI, ITALY): a physical drum machine that transforms ordinary items into percussions.

– PAPER ELECTRONICS (CORALIE GOURGUECHON, FRANCE): functioning paper speakers are a visual simplification of seemingly complex systems, helping demystify electronics.

– DO-IT-YOURSELF KITS (TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US, UK): a great way to learn skills, make cool things and begin your own journey as a tech maker.

– MAKEY MAKEY (JOYLABZ, USA): an invention kit for the 21st century that turn anything into a touchpad.

– Selections of 3D PRINTED OBJECTS provided by TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY (QATAR) AND BY SCULPTEO (FRANCE) illustrate the variety of possibilities 3dprinting represents, breaking down the barrier between virtual and physical worlds.

– Fifty additional projects from all over the world in form of videos and documentaries, will be shown in the screening zone of the festival, providing further insight into the Maker Movement

Among others, the workshops will include:
– LOOKS LIKE MUSIC BY YURI SUZUKI (JAPAN/UK): an audiovisual installation based on the renowned Maker’s work Colour Chaser. Colors chasers are miniature robots which detect and follow a black line traced in marker pen – and translate colored reference points, drawn by the participants, into sounds including drums, deep bass, chords and melody. The workshop aims to let kids actively contribute to the creation of a large-scale artwork and enrich a collectively composed sound piece.
Date: 23rd October, morning

– PRIMO BY SOLID LABS (UK, ITALY): The Primo Play Set is a playful physical programming interface that teaches children programming logic without the need for literacy. By playing with Primo, children experiment with the queue of instructions and begin learning to fix mistakes. It’s designed to make the introduction of programming tangible, removing the complex abstraction element out of the equation.
Date: 29th October morning

– BUILD YOUR OWN DIY GAMER BY TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US (UK): Ever wondered how an LED display works? How to create images by programming them, and create your video game using buttons? Come and discover the skills to program your very first LED display and see how it can be used to create a games console and play your very own game! Learn and enhance your understanding of game mechanics and the world of programming and discover how to produce new images and interactive experiences.
Date: 5th November morning