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World’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe unveiled

Metito offers the system exclusively in Asia and Africa after signing a joint venture and exclusive license agreement with Biopipe

Metito, the leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets, and Biopipe, a new startup company owned by the Swiss company Biopipe Global AG and lead by young Turkish entrepreneurs, today unveiled the world’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe after announcing their joint venture and exclusive licensing agreement. Through this agreement Metito will exclusively offer the revolutionary new system to communities across Asia and Africa.

The patented green system is inspired by nature and uses a simple process to treat wastewater in an unpretentious manner, all inside a pipe! Wastewater then passes through high quality filtration stage to complete the treatment after which the treated water can be used directly for organic farming, irrigation, underground aquifer injection or safe discharge into lakes, rivers or sea, or alternatively stored in a clean water tank for later usage. Moreover, unlike other traditional wastewater systems, Biopipe produces no sludge, no odour, no sound, and no waste, making it one of the most eco-friendly wastewater treatment processes in the world today.

Biopipe system bring the benefits of wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse to a much wider audience with its ability to treat the wastewater generated by individual houses of two people to cities of millions – just as efficiently.

Fady Juez, Managing Director, Metito said: “The Biopipe wastewater treatment system really is a game changer. In an era when the world is looking to enhance water security and sustainability, enabling individuals to manage and treat their wastewater at an affordable cost is critical to widening the awareness of looking after our resources.

“Biopipe, is an intelligent wastewater treatment solution that can be easily installed in a house as well as integrated into a plant to service an entire city. This really is revolutionary and I am confident that Metito will help globalize Biopipe. We have the experience, the capabilities and the right network in place to drive this through and to ensure that Biopipe becomes more suitable for a wider range of applications in a variety of emerging markets, both in Asia and Africa .”

The inventor behind this system; Enes Kutluca, Co-CEO Biopipe, started all this with a simple dream of making wastewater treatment simple, affordable and close to nature’s processes which was made after years of research and developmentCommenting on this, Enver Misirli, Co-CEO Biopipe, said: “The success of Biopipe has really been down to the vision we had of creating a wastewater treatment system that is inspired by nature and that can have a positive impact on the world. Signing this agreement with Metito will help take this vision to new realities as we reach out to more communities, further contributing to sustaining the world’s precious water resources. We are very excited and today is just the start.”

Metito has been actively scouting for and investing in new technologies and technology startup companies to continue leading the market with top of the line sustainable solutions and systems.