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Youth Empowerment Symposium honors Kuwait Finance House

Youth Empowerment Symposium honored Kuwait Finance House (KFH) that participated in the Symposium as a main sponsor as part of its responsibility to provide the youth with support and advocacy in addition to empower them and improve their performance.

KFH stressed its commitment to assume social responsibility and strive to achieve the youth’s aspirations and ambitions by supporting them and developing their projects in addition to sponsoring their events and symposiums.

The Bank aims at raising the importance of small enterprises and the role they play in boosting economy and paving the way to larger projects and more advanced and innovative businesses; especially that the symposium was attended by the most prominent local and global economic figures; the cofounder of Starbucks Steve Seigl, the cofounder of Apple Steve Wozeniak and others.

The Head of the Organizing Committee of Youth Empowerment Symposium Ali Al-Ibrahim honored KFH represented by the Head of Public Relations Yousef Al-Ruwaih as a token of appreciation for the successful sponsorship and the efforts exerted to empower youths and cement relationships with all society segments.


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