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Zain platinum sponsor of ‘Rijeemy’ Health Program

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, unveiled its platinum sponsorship of the fifth edition of one of the biggest health programs in Kuwait entitled ‘Rijeemy’ Health Program. The first of its kind event is held on a daily basis at Mall 360 except for Fridays and Saturdays from 5-6 pm throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle during fasting.

Zain announced during a press conference that was held with ‘Rijeemy Center’ that its sponsorship of this distinguished health program, considered one of Kuwait’s biggest events of its kind, as part of its extensive Corporate Social Responsibility campaign of special activities and initiatives that are held throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. The previous editions of the ‘Rijeemy’ program witnessed the massive participation of nearly 1000 participants per day, which further encouraged the company’s support of this program to actively affirm its CSR strategy towards the health and sports sectors.

The company explained that it has prepared a number of special programs and surprises for its customers thorough the daily activities that will be held as part of the ‘Rijeemy’ program. The daily Walkathon, one of the event’s most exciting main activities, will offer participants and mall visitors a chance to speed walk in Mall 360 alongside renowned Clinical and Sport Nutrition consultant Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa, where he will give live health and sport tips.

Zain added that this year’s edition of the ‘Rijeemy’ health program will witness the participation of over 30 certified volunteers from ‘Rijeemy Center’, who will be providing medical advice and health tips to participants as they join the daily activities. In addition, Zain volunteers will assist in organizing the different programs that will be held throughout the program’s period.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager commented: “Zain welcomes the Holy Month of Ramadan this year by launching its extensive CSR campaign that includes an array of programs and activities that cater to the different segments of the society. Zain’s sponsorship of this major first of its kind program in Kuwait is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that focuses on giving back to the community, especially during the month of giving”.

Al Khashti explained: “the Rijeemy program is distinguished from other similar health programs by tailoring the different activities that cater to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to a fasting person’s daily routine. This is one reason why Zain is keen on supporting such programs that affect people’s lives”.

Al Khashti added: “we invite our customers and the public to join the daily activities of the Rijeemy program during the Holy Month, in which they will find a suitable environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle. The activities are held daily during Ramadan in Mall 360 before Iftar”.

Zain was keen on inviting its own employees to participate and volunteer in the programs’ activities to further affirm its commitment towards its own human resources.