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The Zubair Corporation supports the Bandar Al Khairan Sports Team

The Zubair Corporation recently supported the Bandar Al Khairan Team, one of the local cultural, social and sports teams that are affiliated with the Ahli Sidab Club.

This support comes within the framework of the Corporate’s strategy to support Omani youth and enable them to practice their hobbies, and to further contribute to their community development across various domains.

This initiative also aims to help the team and enhance its role in providing a suitable environment for the team members to exercise and practice their favourite sport as well as contribute to the community through varied initiatives.

Highlighting this contribution, Ibrahim Al Salmi, Social Communication Manager at The Zubair Corporation, noted: “The Zubair Corporation has been a leader in supporting the Omani youth through myriad initiatives – be it sports, cultural activities or community outreach. In the Sultanate, local sporting associations are the best way to connect with Omani youth and instil a spirit of community development by harnessing their combined love for the sport. We feel it is important to support these teams in order to allow them to revamp their role in the community by organising a healthy environment for young people to shape their talents and improve their skills in different fields.”

“Supporting Omani youth and nurturing their talents in different fields has always been a major focus of the Zubair Corporation. The Company saves no efforts to expand its outreach to all segments of the society, and through supporting such teams we are able to contribute to the development of the community through our focus on the youth. We sponsor and provide support to the events and activities organised by these teams, aiming to make a wider positive impact on the society as a whole,” he said.

On his part, Qais Al Mushari, team member of Bandar Al Khairan team, said: “I would like to thank The Zubair Corporation who have lent support for our cause. I am sure this will have a positive impact on the team activities and will contribute to the individual members’ development in sport, cultural and social fields. This contribution will allow our team to be ready to participate in different competitions and events locally and regionally. Additionally, it will help the team organise internal competitions and programmes that will enrich the quality of the team members’ talents and capabilities in the sports field. It will also allow us to extend our support to whoever joins in from other villages and towns close to Bandar Al Khairan.”

He added, “This support by the Zubair Corporation will make our team feel more responsible towards the community. It is a sample of the integrated role that the private sector organisations have with the local teams and the bilateral goals to develop the local community. We hope this will encourage the private sector organisations to follow the Zubair Corporation’s lead and lend a hand support local teams to achieve their goals.”

The Zubair Cooperation has been a leader in supporting local teams across the Sultanate. It was also the main sponsor of the Summer Sports Programme 2014 all over the Sultanate.