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3rd Arab Publishers Conference participates in ADIBF

APAC 2015 set to be the largest ever gathering of Arab and international publishers

The organising committee of the 3rd Arab Publishers Conference (APAC 2015) has announced its participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), which is taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from the 7th to the 13th of May.

APAC 2015 is an influential gathering of Arab and international publishers and the conference’s organising committee emphasised that it will be leveraging its participation in ADIBF to create awareness surrounding the critical role that it plays in supporting the growth and development of the Arab publishing sector.

The committee also added that APAC 2015 will be held in Sharjah on the 2nd and 3rd of November immediately preceding the Sharjah International Book Fair.

Dr Mariam Al Shenasi, President of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA), remarked, “The Arab publishing sector is currently expanding at a phenomenal rate, creating a diverse range of opportunities and challenges within the industry. Through APAC 2015 we aim to create a platform for publishers from the Arab world and beyond to come together and proactively explore these challenges and opportunities and create a collaborative roadmap for future growth and success. In light of this, our participation in ADIBF, which is one of the most prestigious events on the international publishing calendar, is an excellent opportunity to encourage publishers to become involved in the APAC 2015 dialogue and contribute to ensuring the continued development of their industry.”

Dr Mariam Al Shenasi went on to say, “The organising committee of this year’s conference has put together a comprehensive programme, featuring the world’s leading experts and we are looking forward to two days of actualised discourse that will have a real-time positive impact on advancing the growth of the Arab publishing industry. We invite the Arab and international publishing community to join us as we chart the future of our sector.”

The 3rd Arab Publishers Conference will be themed ‘The Publishing Industry: Prospects and Challenges of the Digital Age’, and will feature a full schedule of panel discussion sessions as well as keynote addresses by leading figures in the publishing industry with the aim of exploringhow contemporary topics and issues in the publishing world affect the Arabic publishing community.

The topics that will be discussed will include Libraries, Education, Intellectual Property, Copyright & Piracy, Digital Distribution, Freedom to Publish, Translation & the Arabic Language, and Innovation in Publishing& Content Development.

Participants in APAC 2015 will include the International Publishers Association (IPA), the Arab Publishers Association (APA), the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) and publishing associations in the Arab countries, ministries of culture, directors of public libraries, directors of book fairs, government and private organisations concerned with the publishing industry in the Arab countries, in addition to publishers, intellectuals, authors, writers, media representatives, and legal and academic figures from across the Arab countries, the region and the world.

Detailed information about the conference and its programme, registration for publishers, journalists, and participants, the Arab Publishers Association and Emirates Publishers Association, as well as information about Sharjah and its hotels and tourist landmarks is available on its website:

The 3rd APA Conference is being hosted in Sharjah and the UAE as a joint effort between Arab Publishers’ Association (APA) and Emirates Publishers Association (EPA). Sharjah was selected as the host city for the prestigious event in recognition of its outstanding efforts in supporting the publishing industry and reading promotion at the local, Arab, and regional levels.

Saudi capital Riyadh hosted the first Arab Publishers Conference under the title ‘Future of Publishing Industry in the Arab World’ in October 2009, while the second APA Conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt, in March 2013, under the title ‘Knowledge Empowerment and Challenges of Arab Publishing’.