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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Royal Film Commission – Jordan sign an agreement

The importance of this initiative, supported by AHSF, lies in relaunching MFF after its suspension for one year due to lack of funding

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) and the Royal Film Commission– Jordan (RFC) signed today an agreement supporting the training program “Med Film Factory” (MFF), which aims to provide advanced and specialized training for Arab Directors and Producers working on their first or second feature narrative film project.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Princess Rym Ali – Board Member at the RFC – and other Board Members of the two institutions.

This step comes within the lack of training programs specialized in the Arab cinema industry, and the necessity to provide Arab filmmakers with the know-how that helps them achieve their feature narrative film project.

Organized by the RFC since 2011, MFF gives an excellent opportunity that provides the participants with the necessary tools focusing on their feature narrative films while in development. In two specialized workshops, Directors and Producers are trained by experts using practical and focused methods enabling them to utilize the experience they gain from MFF to work on their current projects, in addition to benefiting from it for their future works.

The importance of this initiative, supported by AHSF, lies in relaunching MFF after its suspension for one year due to lack of funding. It is worth noting that the program has already contributed to the development of 24 feature narrative film projects, as well as refining the skills of about 50 Producers and 50 Directors from all over the Arab world during the period 2011- 2014.

In a related context, Valentina Qussisiya, Chief Executive Officer of AHSF, emphasized that: “this support comes within the framework of the Support and Grants program, launched by the Foundation, to contribute to the development and enrichment of cultural contents and to encourage creativity at all levels. The relaunch of Med Film Factory Program gives opportunities for practical training and sets up teams of Jordanian and Arab Producers and Directors in a way that broadens their horizons and stimulates their creative capabilities, therefore enriching the Arab cinematic scene.

George David, General Manger of the RFC, said: “We highly value the support of Shoman’s Foundation for this program, which has proved successful over three years. AHSF certainly acknowledges the importance of serious cultural work. We, at the RFC, seek to support filmmakers’ capabilities and provide them with the skills that guarantee they can express themselves, tell their stories and voice out their messages. MFF is open to filmmakers across the Arab World, at a time where the Arab region is in dire need to produce a culture that reflects the reality of our society, its vitality, diversity and its relation to humanity at large far from tendencies of isolation and extremism.”

The project will receive the assistance of international and Arab tutors and experts to train the participants, in addition to local professional crew and cast for the Directors’ workshop, during which participants shoot a short film inspired by their narrative feature film project.

Receiving applications for participation starts in December 2015.

Established and funded by the Arab Bank since1978, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) was named after the Bank’s founder as a non-profit organization dedicated to investing in cultural and social innovation to positively impact the communities it works in through Thought Leadership, Literature & Arts, and Innovation & Employment.

The Royal Film Commission was established in July 2003 with a mandate to promote for and contribute to the development of an internationally competitive Jordanian audio-visual industry. In addition, it aims to provide comprehensive production support services to local, regional and international productions.f