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Abu Dhabi Media launches ‘Majid’ Channel from September 25th

H.E. Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood: Majid is designed to reflect our authentic values and culture, catering to the preferences of our young audience

Abu Dhabi Media has officially announced the launch of the much anticipated Majid Channel, commencing September 25th, which is set to provide young audiences with rich content that showcases the UAE and the region’s authentic tradition, values and culture.

H.E. Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, Chairman and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Media, announced the launch and vision for the channel at a press conference that took place at Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

The event took place in the presence of H.E Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, Advisor for Cultural & Heritage Affairs at the Court of His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Media Board Member and Secretary General of Sheikh Zayed Book Award. Also present at the event were arts and culture personalities from the UAE, including ‘Majid Entertainment’ team members.

The inception of Majid TV stemmed from Abu Dhabi Media’s vision to adapting to a growing interest in the digital age among youth via a broadcast channel and website. Commenting on the occasion, H.E. Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, said: “Majid Channel is set to be the ideal media platform for entertaining, informative content that caters to young audiences. The programs will maintain a balance between modern content and accessibility that is ideal for today’s youth, while reflecting the heritage and culture of the UAE and the region.”

“More than 500,000 children in the UAE between the ages four and 14 are Arabic-speaking – and based on recent studies, this number is expected to increase by 6% annually to reach nearly 1.5 million by 2030. Nevertheless, Arabic-language shows for children make up less than 35% of the total number of children’s shows aired in the UAE as a whole, 88% of which are not even produced in the Arab world.”

“Abu Dhabi Media’s television network already covers a diverse array of topics, from politics, business and culture to sports, entertainment and art. Now, the addition of children’s programming truly reinforces its position as a leading media organization that caters to all interests, contributing to the UAE’s overall development plan.”

H.E Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, shared his childhood memories of Majid magazine, and expressed his appreciation to all those involved in establishing the channel, which plays a vital role in preserving both the Arab and UAE cultures and traditions in a creative and entertaining way.

Guests were treated to an exclusive pre-screening of Majid’s programs in addition to the ‘I’m from Majid’s generation’ campaign, which profiles the stories of those that were inspired by the magazine since it was established 37 years ago.

Having produced over 150-hours worth of content, including 70 hours of animated content in a span of six months, “Majid Entertainment” will provide edu-tainment shows that are based on characters from the magazine, cultivating talent and creativity in youth.

The TV channel will feature an array of programs with the Adventures of Majid in the lead. Majid is an 11 year-old Emirati boy who dresses in traditional attire and speaks the local Arabic language along with his friends Kaslan, Karamella, and Captain Khalfkan. As the star of the show and both the magazine and channel’s favourite character, Majid successfully showcases the regions culture and values in a creative way.