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ADNOC Distribution awards DaDeDo two key branding projects??

DaDeDo, a regional creative house and one of the world’s leading independent advertising agencies (as featured in Campaign magazine), has won two projects from the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC Distribution).

The new projects will be focused on providing a variety of valuable services to clients throughout the UAE. Under the creative and strategic brand development of DaDeDo, these new ventures will enhance services within the region, and will be sure to attract visitors nationwide.

Speaking about this new cooperation, Faeq Al-Olaiwat, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, DaDeDo said, “DaDeDo is a world-class Khaleeji communication agency network with a brave creative culture, powerful results-oriented solutions and credible 20-year track record with large accounts, and we are honoured to work closely with a globally renowned organisation such as ADNOC Distribution.”

Al-Olaiwat confirmed: “As a company which is ingrained in the culture of the GCC countries, DaDeDo believes that we possess a unique understanding of what the region’s consumers require, and we will bring our know-how to these critical projects.”

Khalid Hadi, Vice-President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, ADNOC Distribution, had the following to say: “We are pleased with our collaboration with DaDeDo. Our facilities have already achieved an esteemed position in the culture of the region, and we expect the brand image to be greatly enhanced by these new projects. We want our new brands to be positioned as very friendly ones that can be enjoyed and relished by the UAE residents and visitors from all backgrounds.”

Hadi continued: “ADNOC Distribution has turned to DaDeDo to complete these projects owing to its long track record and creative solutions it presented during the tendering process. The agency has already demonstrated numerous ideas, and we are confident that their expertise will contribute true value to both ADNOC Distribution and the UAE.”