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Expert: How to successfully advertise on Facebook

Facebook gives you every opportunity to reach specific types of users with ads. Know how to do that and grow your business

Reach people who have already visited or taken a specific action on your website Target people who are potentially unfamiliar with your brand Choose to focus on users who also live nearby

By: Ilan Nass. Ilan is an experienced performance marketer with 7 years experience helping B2B and B2C companies grow. Spent 5 years running Taktical Digital, a paid social performance marketing agency. Skills include SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Paid Social Ads and more"

Facebook is a very popular social media platform. As of early 2019, it has approximately 2.32 billion average monthly users. Advertising on Facebook simply gives you the opportunity to reach many potential customers.

That said, you need to first understand how you can use Facebook to target the right customers. The platform’s targeting tools allow marketers to reach specific types of users with their ads. Knowing how to use those tools will make it much easier for you to grow your business.

Facebook is growing 33%, with $54 billion in ad spend and 20% share of the market, according to State of Digital Media by Polar.

Creating an Audience

When creating an ad on Facebook, you’re given the option to create a Custom Audience. That means you can target users based on a range of potential factors.

For instance, maybe you want to reach people who have already visited or taken a specific action on your website. The Custom Audience from Your Website tool lets you create an audience of Facebook users consisting of such people. 

Perhaps you’re marketing an apparel brand, and you maintain a blog on your site to provide visitors with valuable content. Maybe a post about summer fashion tips is particularly successful. With the Custom Audience from Your Website tool, you can target Facebook users who read that blog.

Of course, maybe you want to target people who are potentially unfamiliar with your brand. Facebook gives you this option too via Lookalike Audiences. This feature lets you create a new audience based on common features among users from an existing audience, such as your current Facebook followers.

You might also simply want to target users based on general factors, such as age range, location, interests, and more. Facebook also provides this option. 

That said, it always helps to have an even stronger understanding of who your ideal customer is. That’s why it’s also important to take advantage of Facebook’s Audience Insights. This feature provides you with valuable information about both current customers and users who may become customers.

The first step in using Audience Insights is to choose which type of audience you wish to learn about. This can include all Facebook users, your followers, or a custom audience.

Perhaps you want to learn more about the types of people who buy items on your website. You can create a custom audience based on people who have landed at the “Purchase Confirmation” page on your site. Next, Facebook lets you define parameters. For instance, maybe you also run a brick-and-mortar shop, and you want to boost in-person sales. You can choose to focus only on users in that custom audience who also live nearby.

Once you’ve defined your parameters, you’re given the option to learn about your customers’ interests, geographical location, behaviours, demographics, and more. 

That’s a major reason advertising on Facebook can be so effective. The platform doesn’t just give you the opportunity to target your ideal audience; it also helps you more accurately define your ideal audience. That makes targeting the right users easier than ever.