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Al Aan TV leads Arabic language news on YouTube

Al Aan TV and its news service Akhbar Al Aan have significantly improved their social media reach during the past few months.

According to which tracks and stores YouTube progress of millions of channels, Al Aan’s youtube channel Alaantube is ranked #59 among the world’s top 100 most influential news channels. It is also the most viewed Arabic language YouTube news channel and the #18 news channel globally. This puts Al Aan ahead of every other news media brand in the Arab world in both total number of views and views/day.

Since May 2014, Al Aan’s volume of posts on Facebook has virtually doubled. Comments went up almost 2.5 times in August compared to May. As of mid-October, Al Aan News on Facebook has reached 5.2m fans, reaching 4 million people and getting interactions from more than 500,000 people on a weekly basis.

Commenting on this achievement, Al Aan’s Chief Editor Samer Hamza said “We are delighted that the audience is responding strongly to the unique content mix we are offering. We say Real News for Real People and we publish original and high quality content that lives by this motto every day.”

Head of online Alaa Khair added “The growth we have achieved is impressive. At the same time, we feel it is quite a natural result because the Al Aan brand is built on conversations. We value our audience deeply and it makes all the difference.”