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All Prints holds book-signing ceremonies in Beirut International Arab Book Fair 2013

All Prints Distributors and Publishers, the leading distributor of books and educational materials in the Arab World and a subsidiary of Tahseen Khayat Group (TKG), took part in the 57th Beirut International Arab Book Fair with several book-signing ceremonies for renowned authors and poets, and publications ranging from poetry to political analyses to fiction.

“At All Prints we aim to not only support novice talent and upcoming authors, but also to bring the remarkable work of accomplished thinkers, analysts and writers to the public through our services,” said Nadia Khayat, Chief Operation Officer of the education sector at TKG, adding “The book fair provides an excellent opportunity for writers to introduce their latest work to the readers and public on a personal level.”

The publishing house offered a variety of literary genres by acclaimed authors such as Egyptian feminist and nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Dr. Nawal Al-Saadawi with three books: Nawal El Saadawi and Aida El Jawhari: A dialogue about Femininity, Masculinity, Religion and Creativity; It’s Blood; and Nawal El Saadawi and the Arab Revolutions. Dr. Al-Saadawi’s ceremony was held on Thursday, December 19th where the acclaimed feminist writer discussed topics ranging from revolutions and religion to femininity and patriarchy. Dr. Al-Saadawi presented three of her books at the ceremony, one of which was a novel.

All Prints featured other political publications as well, such as: Dr. Jamal Wakim with his book Turkey’s Foreign Policy Toward Global Superpowers and Arab countries since 2002, Dr. Sadek Naboulsi with The Rise of a Sect: The Nation of Moussa Al Sader, Mr. Wajdi Al-Masri’s The Biblical Dimension of Israeli Terrorism, and Dr. Hassan Mousa’s No Leniency: The Political Journey of the President Salim Al Hoss.

Among the poetry titles of All Prints were Mr. Mahdi Mansour’s The Shadow Dark as Dawn which won the 2013 Dubai Cultural Award, and Ms. Sawsan Mortada’s Like Silence.

In addition to poetry, All Prints featured other non-fiction titles, including: Digital Humanities: Taming The Language For the Sake of Processing it Automatically and the Questions in a Culture of Technology in Order to Create New Social Sciences by Dr. Ghassan Mourad and The Attempts to Kill Ali: A Household Biography by Mr. Mohammad Barakat.

More than 250 Arab publishers took part in the book fair, 200 of whom were Lebanese. The 14-day book fair that began on the 6th of December and ended on the 19th featured over 150 book-signing ceremonies and seminar.

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