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Baby Arabia launch the UAE’s first “Parent & Child Wellbeing Conference”

Mediaquest, the company behind major regional events including the “Top CEO Conference and Awards” and “Arab Women Forum,” has announced the launch of the “Parent & Child Wellbeing Conference” in partnership with Baby Arabia, which will address the core issues and concerns of parenting in the digital era. The event will take place on April 28th, 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm at the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, Dubai.

Alexandre Hawari, Co-CEO of Mediaquest, commented: “The digital era has given rise to a new set of parenting challenges across areas including nutrition and obesity, and emotional intelligence and connection, with parents across the region asking the all-important question — ‘are we good enough?’ The ‘Parent & Child Wellbeing Conference’ will engage the parenting community and regional experts in open discussions around these issues, while also shedding light on behavioral, educational and medical topics including tantrums, learning through play, storytelling, pregnancy, infant mortality and autism.

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Through our comprehensive agenda, we hope to enhance child development and strengthen the bonds between parents and their children.”

With sensitivity to today’s parenting challenges and the conflicting advice available online, the event aims to provide parents with a reliable source of information by connecting them with experts in the field via a range of panel discussions and workshops.

The event will also engage children with a full day of activities including Lego painting, pottery and much more.

Artist Mattar bin Lahej, Managing Director of the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, said: “Through this forum, we aim to build strategic partnerships with top stakeholders in children’s affairs locally and internationally, and with our partners we have created a series of workshops that reflect our interests and attitudes in this field.”

Mr. Mattar added: “Parents today face myriad challenges in raising their children, including many questions about modern education.

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Addressing the core issues and concerns of parenting in the digital era

Through our workshops, we aim to help parents overcome those challenges, answer those questions, and guide their children to a better lifestyle from an early age through education, arts, technology, food, intellectuality and social behaviors.”

Bin Lahej also thanked “Baby Arabia” and the partners who planned the workshops, which took parents into different aspects of raising their children in a manner that allows them to share and express their fears, obstacles freely, and solutions, bringing parents, children, mentors, and artists together behind a common goal.

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Mo Fadlallah, Founder, and CEO of Baby Arabia, adds: “Our strategy for the growth of Baby Arabia was to create and build a far-reaching and sustainable ‘Parenting & Child Well-being Conference’ that can grow across the region and become a leading conference to support and nurture the needs of modern-day parenthood in MENA. I am proud to be partnering with Mediaquest in organizing such a conference.”

During the conference, parents can participate in key sessions dedicated to “Nutrition: Are we really what we eat?”, “Emotional Intelligence: Are we repressing kids’ emotions unintentionally?”, “Connection in the Digital Era: Analogue versus digital, is there an argument?”, and “Are We Good Enough?”, as well as a practical seminar on healthy eating habits.

Other workshops will focus on tips and tricks for expecting mothers, learning through play, the signs and early detection of autism, and how storytelling can help children overcome their fears and articulate their emotions.

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The event is co-organized by Baby Arabia and Makooky and supported by key sponsors including Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children as the Strategic Partner, Pearl FM as the Strategic Media Partner, Tetra Pak as the Gold Sponsor, Omo as the Silver Sponsor, Baby Shop and Fruitful Day as Bronze Sponsors, Lacnor, Oasis and Blu as the Official Beverage Partners, Lively as the Official Food and Beverage Partner, Playdate as the Playtime Partner, Mama’s Box as Supporting Partner, Haya as the Media Partner and Cicero & Bernay as the PR Partner.

The event is in Association with Malaak, Strategies DC and Zein Design.