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Bahrain’s Tamkeen publishes 12th issue of “Discover Life After School”

Latest issue of quarterly publication will focus on young entrepreneurship.

Tamkeen has recently published issue number 12 of its quarterly publication, “Discover Life After School”, printed in Arabic.

“Discover Life After School” was first published in 2011 as part of Tamkeen’s “Discover Life at Work” campaign whichtargets high school and university students between the ages of 15 and 23.

The publication is designed to spread awareness of different economic sectors in Bahrain by providing advice, guidance and counselling to students about appropriate fields of study and promoting understanding on educational endeavours. The publication also aims to provide students with information about career paths and direct them towards professional areas within the labour market.

This latest issue of “Discover Life After School” places the important issue of entrepreneurship in the spotlight, and it also examines the agricultural sector in Bahrain. The twelfth issue also highlights inspiring success stories, includes interviews with academic, specialty and career guidance experts, and provides a variety of medical and health tips. It also features a variety of articles, which affect the social, economic, cultural and creative aspects of student life.

Tamkeen’s Vice President for Human Capital Development, Mrs. Amal Al-Kooheji, stated: “The Discover Life After School publication comes in line with Tamkeen’s efforts to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Bahrain’s youth as it is a key driver in motivating them to adopt the right mind set to join Bahrain’s labour market. With a specific focus in each issue, the publication covers a wide range of topics that relate to the local market and how to ensure future success.”

70,000 copies of the “Discover Life After School” publication are printed quarterly and distributed by Tamkeen in all local high schools and universities as well as some malls and commercial centers.