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BrandAid Launches its Social Media Department

BrandAid was founded in 2014 and rose to prominence for its groundbreaking work in brand strategy and marketing

BrandAid, a leading medical brand consultancy in the region, announced today the addition of its new Social Media Department to its marketing services.

The company, which was founded in 2014 and rose to prominence for its groundbreaking work in brand strategy and marketing, had bagged 3 awards last June – Gold for Best Visual Identity in Healthcare, Bronze for Best Tone of Voice, and Most Commended for Brand Implementation, all for the work it had done for Fakih IVF, making BrandAid the natural choice for medical practices who want to become No. 1 in their specialty.

Randa Modad, brand strategist and founder of BrandAid, shares: “The addition of the new Social Media Department was a necessary step to provide our clients with a specialized team that can cater for all their social media requirements.”

The new team of social media strategists and designers enjoy a portfolio of successful campaigns that have engaged thousands of fans across several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The Department assists brands with campaign integration and event attendance while ensuring that the brand messaging is communicated in the most cost-effective and organic way possible, enabling the client to drive both their brand and product/service awareness exponentially.

Randa adds: “When over 60% of the population engages in social media via smart phones, the new service is increasingly crucial to our clients who are looking for ways to maximize their social footprint and reach new customers.”

About BrandAid

BrandAid, an award winning medical brand consultancy based in Dubai, offers top-notch branding and marketing expertise for the healthcare sector. Its mission is to work with the best medical practices and bring them to the No. 1 position in their specialty. With extensive hands-on experience in healthcare branding and marketing, BrandAid helps medical practices grow beyond their expectations. Having learned a lot about what makes a company thrive, BrandAid can impact a medical business at a much deeper level than anyone else in the market.