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Brands, what do you know about the FIFA World Cup audience?

With less than a week left before the FIFA World Cup starts off, an analysis of the viewing habits, online behaviors, and attitudes of the tournament fans, reveals interesting insights about how brands can reach out to these fans.

Let’s look at some interesting numbers first: 47% of Internet users watch the World Cup on TV or online. Also, according to Global Web Index, 51% of fans will use social media while watching TV.


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Another set of numbers reveals 44% of male Internet users and 29% of female Internet users watch the World Cup.

In terms of generations, 33% of Gen Z Internet Users, and 39% of Millennials watch the World Cup on TV.

This is opposed to 37% of Gen X and 35% of Baby Boomers, according to Global Web Index.


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The media landscape is changing, but TV still leads

Time spent per day in hh: mm among World Cup Fans is highest on Broadcast TV (average 2 hours), while online TV lags far behind (1 hour, 12 minutes).

Regionally, the share of Broadcast TV is highest in North America (2 hours, forty-six minutes), followed by Europe (2 hours, 23 minutes), Global Web Index statistics reveal.

The Middle East & Africa (with 2 hours and 4 minutes) is not far behind in terms of the percentage of World Cup fans watching on Broadcast TV.


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Younger fans choose social media to watch sports

33% of millennials use social media to watch/follow sport. This is the highest share across four generation categories, with the other three being Gen Z (29%), Gen X (27%) and Baby Boomers (23%).