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Burger King wins the internet by asking customers to buy from McDonald’s, KFC, and others

Burger King has pulled off a class-act PR stunt, winning the internet for its show of support to its rivals, during a time when everyone is impacted by an economic slowdown.

Apparently produced by Burger King France, the post was later shared by Burger King UK The message comes at a time when restaurants around the world are having to contend with an unprecedented pandemic and economic slowdown Burger King USA, however, were back to their usual antics this past Halloween, taking a jab at their rivals

If you’ve spent any reasonable amount of time online this week, you’ll have spotted this image below:

Not something you’d expect to hear from the same company that made this billboard in 2016:

Image: BlogBaladi

This photo was taken in Lebanon back in 2016, and a similar billboard was seen internationally in the past:

Image: Reddit

Over the years, Burger King has made plenty of jabs at its diehard Golden Arches rival. So, to see this kind of initiative from the restaurant after all these years is a tad bit wholesome, as the internet wholeheartedly agreed. 

The image has been circulating on multiple social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and reception has been positive for the most past, with many of these posts going viral.

The Burger King UK PR team seems to have also published this image, though it apparently was conceived by the BK France team, who also tweeted the same post in French one day before.

Burger King France and UK have certainly delivered a well-timed, class-act PR stunt, one that is currently earning them lots of positive engagement online. Still, some of the comments online were negative, pointing to the fact that Burger King should have pushed for the support of local restaurants first and foremost, before trying to earn itself PR credit for allegedly showing support to big name fast food chain rivals. 

Well, criticism aside, Burger King across the Atlantic isn’t as amicable as it is in Europe, according to CNN

This past Halloween, Burger King USA was back to its usual antics with a new campaign called “Scary Places.” Essentially, Burger King was offering a free Whopper to customers that drove by one of five abandoned rival restaurants in the US. 

“Why are these places so scary? When they were open, they did not deliver the beloved flame-grilled taste. On some nights you can even hear the sizzling screams of the flat top. What could be scarier than that?” the restaurant cheekily asked in a press release.

Image: Burger King

When customers are within 300 feet (91 meters) of any of these restaurants, they can perform a location check-in using the Burger King app, which makes them eligible to a free Whopper sandwich. The abandoned restaurants belonged to a group of rival brands including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Sonic and Jack in the Box.

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