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Cartoon Network Arabic to launch its exciting and highly successful 2014 ‘Ramadan Riddles’ campaign

Ramadan across the MENA region is certainly a fond and special occasion, bringing together people from so many different cultures and backgrounds to celebrate the joyous holy month.

While parents and children enjoy the precious moments of Ramadan, Cartoon Network Arabic will be launching its exciting and highly successful 2014 ‘Ramadan Riddles’ campaign, giving families the chance to gather together and share more quality bonding time.

Kids are intrigued by a challenging puzzle, and Cartoon Network Arabic loves to spark children’s curiosity and intellect. During the holy month, children can tune in and watch Ramadan Block on Cartoon Network Arabic. Every day, a new riddle will appear on the channel, intriguing and inspiring young minds.

Young ones can participate in the campaign by logging on to the channel website, and selecting the correct answer from a selection of multiple choice options. With every correct answer, participants will collect one point. At the end of the week, kids with at least 5 points (5 out of 7 correct answers) will unlock a weekly puzzle ( weekly puzzles are based on the Cartoon Network Arabic characters). Children have to arrange the puzzle pieces in the correct manner. The contestant with the quickest puzzle submission will be the lucky weekly winner.

The campaign which is open to all children in the MENA region, will award a total of 4 winners, during each week of the blessed month. Lucky champions get their chance to win an all brand new video game console. This year’s Ramadan Riddles campaign focuses on raising further awareness and testing children’s knowledge and understanding of cities in the Arab world. Cartoon Network Arabic is a channel that prides itself on promoting meaningful content, fostering safety, creativity and inspiring young minds to think and learn about the culture they live in.

Cartoon Network Arabic wishes all the young ones and their families a precious and happy holy month.

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