Complex Made Simple

Infographic: Why content marketing is a must-have for businesses

The advent of the internet and social media has revolutionized how businesses market their products. In this ever-changing environment, it is crucial to stay on top of your game to make sure your brand stands among the crowd.

This is where content marketing comes in.

Image courtesy of Silx.

Content marketing helps promote engagement with your audience in a light, friendly way, conveying to your customers that your brand is tech-savvy while giving an identity, or persona, to your brand, to be seen as more than just a commodity by a business.

Take fast food chain Wendy’s, for example. In what can only be described as advertising gold, their marketing department took to Twitter to engage with audiences, adopting the persona of Wendy herself. The marketers took part in the current conversations circulating online, partook in meme sharing, and even took a friendly jab at competitors, all under the guise of a cheeky teenage girl.

Their efforts were rewarded when their tweets went viral globally, raising their brand awareness, as well as associating a fun, light persona with the brand.

(Wendy’s teenage wit at its finest)

Now that you’ve seen the power of content marketing for yourself, the next step is to hire the right copywriter. They can make or break or your content marketing campaigns, and finding the one that’s just right for your business is key.