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DPP Motion’s beta launch of first-ever MEA and Asia video library

Dubai-based DPP Motion has now become the first ever stock library to specialise in footage exclusively from emerging markets of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, offering quality content to production companies, broadcasters, advertising agencies and other media makers.

Featuring spectacular 4K footage, aerials and time lapses, the DPP Motion video library was built by a team of locally-based video producers with extensive experience in these regions, and provides up-to-date creative and editorial footage depicting vibrant and dynamic life from places often undocumented by other video libraries, including the UAE, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Georgia, India, Malaysia, Namibia, Vietnam, Madagascar and China. Their contributors have provided video material for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and various feature films.

Stock video can be instantly and securely purchased online at DPP Motion’s website, which includes a simple search option and free downloadable preview files. The system is powered by Amazon’s latest cloud technology (AWS), the most robust and reliable technological backbone for this business. Custom, competitive pricing categories means clips are costed both immediately and competitively, and according to their value, unlike other libraries. DPP Motion’s dedicated support team is available for bespoke licensing requirements and offers a personal approach to every request.

“With globalisation, the world is getting smaller, and historical and geographical borders are becoming increasingly insignificant. However, very little video content exists in any real breadth or depth from these areas. There are many countries that are ideal locations for today’s media uses – whether for advertising, feature films, editorial use, corporate videos or e-publishing – but a large number are difficult to access, due to challenging terrain, bureaucratic access issues or security concerns. We are making this high quality material readily available, as well as offering a simple online payment system. With DPP Motion’s video library covering some of the fastest growing economies in the world, we promise our clients something they can’t find elsewhere,” said DPP Motion MD Dalia Penzik.

Penzik added: “Our team comprises professional video producers with extensive, first-hand experience of the regions we cover, so we can assure that the footage we are offering accurately depicts current content that can be used for either editorial or commercial purposes. The library was built following in-depth research on the latest business demands and trends of the markets we aim to serve, so we really understand the needs of production companies, broadcasters, advertising agencies and other media makers.”

Earlier this year, the DPP Motion team attended MIPTV and MIPDOC in Cannes, the annual media content markets, with over 5000 production companies, broadcasters and distributors coming together to discuss the future of content and distribution. Various discussions focused on emerging markets, giving light to the direction this market is heading. DPP Motion is showcasing their work at the Dubai Film Market of the 2014 Dubai International Film Festival between 11th and 15th December.