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Dubai Ready Rashid aiming for big screen debut

Marketing team will focus only on the gradual development of the project

Ready Rashid, a new age educational story that makes use of humorous lines and smartly-shaped characters, is taking a giant step towards a big screen premiere.

Ready Rashid, a new age cartoon brought to life by New York-based (USA) OutFront Films, has started fundraising activities to make its epic comic series even more appealing to audiences, young and old alike.

The fundraising campaign is a clear sign that ‘Team Ready’ is willing to take a giant leap forward by making a swift transition from panel comics and by bringing Ready Rashid to OutFront fans and admirers, which currently number at over 90,000 people worldwide, in a completely new format.

Stephen Wisher, creator of the Ready Rashid cartoon comic and who currently resides in the UAE, stated earlier this month that his marketing team will focus only on the gradual development of the project: Our creative team concluded that the target audience deserves to see something new, improved and inspiring.

Since Ready Rashid is nothing like other cartoons, we will do the best job possible to bring it to the big screen for worldwide presentation.

When asked about the current fan base and their future expectations, Stephen often replies: “A primary motivation behind the Ready Rashid story is to tear down borders and to inspire young generations to think beyond the factors that separate. We feel that our distinctiveness is in our mixture of various cultures, and that is where our strength lies.”