Complex Made Simple

Egypt’s Eventtus plans regional expansion

Eventtus, Egypt’s first event engagement application and social network, has announced its plans to expand regionally into the UAE, as it prepares to transform the way event attendees and organizers engage with and share event content.

With the launch of Version 3.0, Eventtus is now offering the events industry an opportunity to truly ‘mobilize’ events through more networking and sharing capabilities.

“Eventtus is constantly evolving, as we adapt features and benefits to the needs of event organizers and event attendees across various industries,” said Mai Medhat, founder of Eventtus. “Our experience has given us great insight into how organizers need a more immediate connection with event attendees, and more intuitive method of sharing relevant content to make the event infinitely more engaging and beneficial. For event attendees, networking features are absolutely key. The simplicity with which the Eventtus app allows you to join an event’s community, connect with other attendees, track connections and share contact details will make the participation much more worthwhile,” she added.

At the RiseUp Summit 2013 , which took place at The Greek Campus in Cairo, Eventtus received 1300 user registrations. The app saw this event gain a 76% engagement rate as attendees connected and shared content, performing over 1,000 social actions including check-ins, participation in polls, handshakes and comments.

In the UAE, Eventtus is looking to tap into the huge conference and exhibitions industry. The Dubai World Trade Center alone holds 80 exhibitions and over 260 meetings and conferences per year. The total number of visitors to all of these events throughout the year, according to DWTC, reaches more than 1.6 million people.

“These statistics are only from the DWTC,” said Medhat. “There’s a huge opportunity to engage millions more people in events across multiple industries from entertainment and arts to technology and business. With tens of thousands of people at a single event, organizers and participants will both gain much more through a simple and effective networking and engagement application,” she added.