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Expert: 9 steps to get noticed on Instagram with $0 budget

How do you develop a strong organic Instagram following? You've got to read these tried and tested methods of becoming an influencer.

Stay in the loop of trending topics and create original content Have an Instagram identity and attractive packaging Hashtags - what are you doing wrong?

By Lara Saab: Associate Director – Marketing Digital Business @ Z5X Global FZ LLC

We have been witnessing a very progressive shift in social media algorithms over the past year.

The metaphors of digital marketing are continuously evolving to an extent that brands need to become more dynamic and agile in order to keep up with the changes happening.

Organic reach is getting shrunk and most of the platforms rely on advertisers and paid marketing to give posts a higher reach and/or engagement.

Here is a case study that involved an important aspect of digital marketing, related to Influencers on Instagram, in particular:

Instagram Story IG TV

The 'Weyyak' team decided to capitalize on the trending video challenge that the famous Myriam Fares, an A class Arabic star, decided to launch in line with her newly launched song Goumi.

So the team shot a video and posted it to participate in the challenge and guess what?! Myriam Fares noticed it and, voluntarily, her social media team posted the Video on the Star official Instagram account that has 12 Million followers.

As a result, the video hit half a million views in few hours, and we saw an immediate spike of 2000 new followers on our Weyyak INSTAGRAM account and the level of engagement was very high with the video getting over 51K likes.

The massive interaction drove back traffic to our website as we leveraged on it by adding a story into our INSTAGRAM account with a link connecting users to our website to watch Myriam fares content that we have on our platform.

Here is the thinking and tactic to get noticed with a minimum or Zero budget:

1- Identify potential opportunities by following the trending topics

2- Dare to be a creator and deliver interesting social content

3- Have an Instagram identity and attractive packaging

4- Have a differentiating # hashtags and use your industry-specific trending # hashtags

5- Always use the location features, tag and mention relevant accounts

6- Make sure your posts and captions are relevant to your audience to drive engagement

7- Tag the fan clubs of the star to drive more attention and engagement

8- Reach to the influencer via private message

9- Use the correct # hashtags used by the star/influencer for that particular period

As soon as you send the message, like a couple of photos so that your account is visible on the feed of the influencer/star

In today's digital era, we learn through experimental marketing and the more attempts we take the faster we will learn about the industry's best practices, so we can begin enabling each other to deliver better marketing and brand results.

Set your strategy, plan, execute, adjust and succeed…