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Facebook to split video revenue with creators

 ‘Suggested video’ feed launched to generate more revenue through ads


Sarah Alvi

Video producers who post their videos on Facebook will now be able to share in the profits made with the social media website by adding advertisements before the video.

This feature is only limited to the new ‘Suggested Video’ feed which was announced by Facebook.

The revenue made will be shared according to the time-span the video is played for by the viewer. The creator of the video, according to BBC, will get a 55 per cent share of the video and the remaining 45 per cent can go to Facebook, the host platform.

The ads will be placed within the Suggested Video feed feature, between three or more videos and 55 per cent of the revenue generated from the ads will be split between the creators of those three or more videos.

In a blog-post made by Facebook Media, it is stated that an average of more than one billion video views are generated every day since 2014 and that there has been a 75 per cent increase in the video posts made per person in one year.

Out of the 1.44bn Facebook users around the world, more than 3.6 million people are in the United Arab Emirates, which has the second highest Facebook penetration in the Arab World: 60.4 per cent.

A report from states that 31 per cent of the UAE’s consumers shop online and 46 per cent of the internet users in the country are influenced by social media.